Nutritional Supplements/Specialty Products:

In today’s environment, it is all too common to find ourselves eating unhealthy meals on the run, not eating the right amounts or at the right time of day, and not exercising or taking the effort to add some physical activity to our busy schedules. We all get caught up in our busy lives and forget about or avoid the conversation about how bad we are treating our bodies and what a negative effect that will have on our health and wellness in the short and long-term.

At Alaska Family Pharmacy, we believe in healthy lifestyles and how they can positively affect our overall health and wellness and we do our best to set an example of that in our practice. Although we cannot change your lifestyle for you, we try to make it easy for you to combat your possible lack of good nutrition and exercise with top quality vitamin and nutritional supplements.

The vitamin lines we carry have been recognized as leaders in the industry for many years. Thorne, Ortho Molecular, and Pure Encapsulations are a few of these brands. These vitamins are designed with you in mind, being formulated in different ways to benefit and promote your health based on your age and sex. These vitamins are designed to be taken multiple times a day to optimize their availability and effect on your body.

We carry many other products related to healthy living and nutrition, which includes supporting your immune system. With all we have learned from COVID-19, we can help support your recovery with supplements recommended by the FLCCC Alliance. Much information is available to the average consumer and we know this can make vitamin and supplement shopping an arduous task. At Alaska Family Pharmacy, we make the effort to help you understand your choices and what vitamins and supplements may be the best fit for you.